Dear reader!

In Estonian word ´tekst´ means ´text´ and ´tohter´ means something inbetween ´doctor´ or ´nurse´ or ´medical attendant´. So, if Your family physician probably went to study medicine because s/he loves people and likes to help sick people get healthy, and thus happier, then Tekstitohter studied copy editing because she loves beautiful Estonian, likes to arrange words, and play hide and seek with typos, helping You thereby achieving greater success. So, when a doctor treats sick people, the text doctor treats incorrect texts.

Tekstitohter´s education and work experience

My education is quite diverse. I have studied both leather art and information sciences. I have improved myself in the field of graphic design. But my heart still belongs to copy editing, which I studied for a master's degree in linguistics and copy editing at Tallinn University.

In many ways, working with texts has been my main job for over 15 years. Considering that the language editor's work benefits from a wide eye horizon and diverse life experiences, I´ve got the best baggage when working in the Parliamentary Information Center of the Estonian National Library as an information specialist of the Economic, Political and Social Information working group; and as information specialist and the head of library in the Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia.

I also consider very useful working as sales project manager in the printing house Actual Print, because it has given me important experiences on project management and understanding the specifics of printing industry.

However, I got my real baptism by fire from the translation agency Tilde Eesti OÜ, where I mainly edited translations of technical, marketing, IT and medical texts with a very tight schedule in numerous CAT-tools, such as Trados Studio, memoQ, Memsource, Translation Workspace, Polyglot and others for plenty of internationally renowned IT, machinery, medicine and other companies.

I have got an opportunity to edit several press publications in Estonias biggest press company Ekspress Meedia (weekly newspapers "Maaleht" and "Eesti Ekspress" as well as magazines "Maakodu", "Beebi" and "9 Kuud").

What texts does Tekstitohter edit?

I am happy to edit translations from English, but pretty much work has also had to be done with source text in Finnish or German as well, so I can manage those languages too.

I´m mostly interested in technical and marketing tasks, but I can manage education, science, culture and social affairs as well.

I can offer copy editing in memoQ or Word.

Since 2018, I have been a member of Emakeele Selts (Mother Tongue Society) and Eesti Keeletoimetajate Liit (Estonian Copy Editors' Association). As an active person, I also try my best to contribute to the activities of the association through events and campaigns, in order to help promote and value the profession of copy editor in society. You can read about my activities here.

By nature, I am a friendly, curious, inquisitive, and detail-oriented person, who does not forget the importance of the whole as well. For me, it is important to meet customer´s expectations in terms of quality and deadlines.

I hope that You respect the beautiful Estonian language too, and together we will be able to create the highest quality content wherever it´s needed.

With best regards,
Your Tekstitohter alias Mirel Püss